Visitor Registration

We are glad to have you at Indiecon! We had to make a bunch of adjustments in reaction to Covid-19 regulations. The most important change is that you have to register for a time slot in order to visit the fair.

Save your spot today

Already know what you are doing? Then just go ahead and pick a date and time from the list below.

If you have any questions, we suggest you check out the factsheet. In any case – please be aware that we are still living in pandemic times. Bring a face mask. Keep a safe distance. Stay at home if you feel ill.

Factsheet for Indiecon registration

Tickets are free – but mandatory!

Only a limited number of people are allowed inside at the same time, and we have to avoid long waiting lines. The benefit: A lot of space and no long waiting lines! There will be an opportunity to register on-site but we strongly advise you sign-up beforehand. Otherwise, you might have to wait or might not be able to visit at all. To make things as simple as possible, we decided to use a ticketing system called “Pretix”. It is EU-based and has a high data protection standard. We felt we were able to use it even with our analogue brains. You will be sent to the Pretix website to finish the registration process after you pick a date and time.

One ticket per person

Please be fair and register for only one ticket per person so more people get the opportunity to visit the fair. If you're a group, check out the info on group bookings below.

Cancel if you can not come

This is really important: If you decide not to visit after all, please cancel your ticket, so someone else can. If you want to change the time of your visit, you have to cancel your ticket and order a new one. Make sure to check if there are still other tickets available.

Group bookings

If you want to book for a group, please collect all the booking data (e-mail, names, addresses) and book one by one. You can also use one e-mail address for separate bookings, but you have to include the correct personal data of the individual visitors. We know that’s a bit of a hustle, but we have to collect the data this way because of Corona. Sorry!

Join the waiting list

In case, there is no tickets available for your preferred time slot, you will be placed on a waiting list. If someone else cancels, you will get notified. If you can make it: Yay! If you cannot: Please cancel.

Bring your ticket to the fair

You will receive a PDF with your free visitors pass. It is personalized and will only work once. Please, bring the PDF (printed or digital) with you to the fair, it will be checked at the entrance.

Use your time

It feels totally weird to limit the duration of your Indiecon visit, but unfortunately there is no other option. A ticket is valid for one hour – please be on time so you don’t lose precious minutes. There will be an online catalogue available on this website so you can plan your visit. There will also be an outdoor area in case you want to stick around, have a drink and chat.

Anything else?

Feel free to reach out if you run into trouble: